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Block Paving in Surrey

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When it comes to block paving, it comes in all shapes, sizes and designs.  If you are searching for block paving in Surrey then you have came to the right website.  At Ace Drives and Drains we specialise in block paving, whether it be in the garden or driveway or even the council car park.

When you think of block paving, it sounds like an easy thing to do.  Chuck a bit of sand down, give it a little pat with the hands, lay a few blocks and there you have it.  In reality laying perfect block paving is much harder and takes precision, skill and experience.  Not only do you need the right mix of sand, but it must be pressed correctly, with the right machinery and the blocks must be laid correctly to eliminate the risk of subsidence further down the road. 

Ace Drives and Drains specialise in block paving and undertake all types of domestic and commercial block paving works across Surrey.  Whether you would like your driveway block paved, your garden block paved in a nice design, or you own a car park in desperate need of revamping, look no further than us.  We are the ace up your sleeve.

Not only is our pricing keen and competitive, but we challenge any other company to beat the quality of work we produce.  Just for added measure our customer service skills are second to none.  If we finish your job and you are left anything but seriously impressed then we would be surprised.  We pride ourselves on reputation and have spent years laying down the blocks for our own success.

All of our block paving work in Surrey comes guaranteed and our company is also fully insured.  Our workforce are clean, tidy and well mannered.  If you are looking for a block paving company in Surrey then give us a call today.  We can be on hand to measure up, have a cup of your finest tea and deliver you a quote that is as good as our work.

Call us today for a free no obligation quote on 0800 907 8232 or give us a call directly on the mobile which is 07717 444700.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Once again, exacting preparations are made before the patio slabs are finally laid on a strong concrete base.

We can supply a wide variety of colours, sizes and patterns to suit both your taste and of course your budget.

We would recommend that you have your patio professionally sealed by us on completion as this will both extend the life and enhance the look of our quality work.